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Celebrations are the priceless times in our lives.
Celebrate them with the best cakes and cupcakes available!

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Welcome to my new Portfolio Page. This is just a sampling of my portfolio, many more are on-line on my Facebook Page .


Welcome to my new Flavors Page. This is just a sampling of the possibilites. If you have a special request, please let me know. My cakes and cupcakes are all customizable. Also note that I can make a variety of alcohol flavored cupcakes.

Popular Cake & Cupcake Flavors

Red Velvet
German Chocolate

Popular Fillings

Lemon Curd
Raspberry Cream
Raspberry Jam
Strawberry Cream
Strawberry Jam
Chocolate Mouse
Pastry Cream (Vanilla or Chocolate)

Popular Frostings/Icings

Traditional Butter Cream (Sweet)
Italian Butter Cream (very buttery)
Chocolate Butter Cream (Milk, Dark, and White)
Chocolate Ganach
Cream Cheese
Carmel Coconut Pecan
Cookie Dough
Peanut Butter
Salted Carmel

Specialty Cupcakes

Welcome to my new Specialty Cupcakes Page. These are the most popular cupcake flavors but there are many more that we can explore.

Pineapple Upside Down
Strawberry Cheesecake
Boston Cream Pie
Death By Chocolate
Reeses Cup
Buttermilk Pumpkin Spice

Apple Pie
Sugar Cookie
Orance Creme
Italian Wedding Cake

Chocolate Turtle
Banana Cream Pie
Coconut Cream Pie
Lemon Supreme

Serving Sizes

Have you ever asked yourself "How big of a cake do I need for for my celebration?" These charts can help you decide. (All serving sizes are approximate)

There are two different serving sizes. The first is what we call a 'party serving', and the second is the 'wedding serving'. We tend to cut larger sizes when it is a party vs. a wedding. The typical wedding cake slice is 1 inch x 1 inch and 5 inches tall.

Sheet Cakes

1/4 Sheet Cake (9 x 13) - serves 12 to 20 people
1/2 Sheet Cake (11 x 15) - serves 18 to 40 people
Full Sheet Cake (18 x 24) - serves 48 to 96 people

Round Cakes

Party Cake Serving Sizes
4" - serves 6
6" - serves 8
7" - serves 13
8" - serves 18
9" - serves 24
10" - serves 28
11" - serves 35
12" - serves 40
13" - serves 52
14" - serves 60
16" - serves 77
18" - serves 90

Wedding Cake Serving Sizes
4" - serves 8
6" - serves 12
7" - serves 18
8" - serves 24
9" - serves 30
10" - serves 40
11" - serves 48
12" - serves 58
13" - serves 68
14" - serves 78
16" - serves 100
18" - serves 134

Square Cakes

Wedding Cake Serving Sizes
6" - serves 18
8" - serves 32
9" - serves 40
10" - serves 50
12" - serves 72
14" - serves 98


Welcome to my new Pricing Page. This will help you refine your thoughts to align with your budget. A contract is required for all custom cakes and cupcakes. Please note that at least 1-2 weeks notice is needed for most cake/cupcake orders.

Cake Pricing
SizeBasic Cost
Stacked or Tiered Buttercream Frosted CakesFrom $2.00 per serving
Stacked or Tiered Buttercream Frosted Cakes with Fondant AccentsFrom $2.50 per serving
Basic Fondant Finished CakesFrom $3.00 per serving
Elaborate or Mulit-Colored Fondant Finished CakesFrom $3.50 per serving
Sheet Cakes
SizeBasic Cost
Quarter Sheetstarts at $25.00
Half Sheetstarts at $35.00
Full Sheetstarts at $65.00
Cupcake Pricing
SizeBasic Cost
Standard Size$15 per dozen
Specialty Cupcakes$24 per dozen
Mini cupcakes
(only sold in 2 dozen quantities for each flavor)
$15 per 2 dozen
Cake Tasting

Not sure of what cake flavor, filling, or frosting you want to serve your guests? Then call and schedule a cake tasting. The cost is $35 and you will be able to select up to 4 cake flavors, 3 fillings, and 3 frostings or specialty cupcakes. You will be taking home a dozen of whatever you try to share with family and friends.


Welcome to my new Testamonials Page. Here are just a few of the testamonials, many more are on-line on my Facebook Page .

testamonial from Sharon
Thanks! --Sharon

"Thanks much!!!! Aaliyah LOVED it and it was SO GOOD!!!!!!! You're the best!!! I'm going to post in the Smyrna/Clayton residents site too! We'll be back!" ....Angel

"I just wanted to let you know I took what remained of my cake into work today, about half. Everyone that had a taste, enjoyed it. They asked where I got it, so I shared your information with them. One woman who is a baker herself was very impressed with the icing, she recognized it as Italian butter cream. Thank you again for the wonderful cake. " .....Meg

"I just wanted to thank Liz Hansen and Priceless Confections for doing such a wonderful job on our wedding cake. It's was absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much!" .....Mollie

"​Cake was amazing! Looked amazing too! Liz was easy to work with and very forgiving of my lapses in communication throughout the whole wedding process! It was everything I asked for with zero judgement about choosing chocolate with more chocolate! We got many compliments on the "cute strawberries made to look like a bride and groom!" (a direct quote from a wedding-goer)." .....Jessica

"Anytime I have an event, I contact Liz. Her cakes and cupcakes never disappoint. Excellent customer service, and delicious products. She's also very flexible with your requests." ......Angie

"I've gotten two cakes from Priceless Confections in the past. Always delicious and moist cakes!" .......Gwen

"Thank you so much for our beautiful and delicious cupcake wedding cake. Everyone raved about them. They were perfect!".......Christine

"Thank you!!! The cake was amazing, it turned out perfect and delicious"....Katie

"Cake was PHENOMENAL!!" ........ Natasha

"Everyone loved the cake. You did an amazing job. Thank you very much. I definitely will be referring people to you if they want a cake. Many compliments from everyone there. Cake was moist , icing was not to sweet and you did a great job decorating. Jennie loved it as well. Again thank you and I will let be using your services again. Compliments to the chef"......Mary

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